My Story

Stay FITT Training is the story of my transformation into fitness, health, strength and a building a community gym to support and encourage your own journey.

Hi I’m LaRee

Founder and owner of StayFITT training. I hold my AAS in exercise science as a fitness technician, ACSM CPT and I am a PN2 certified exercise and nutrition coach. Along with using my various additional certificates to help educate and teach our community, I love helping people find the joy in staying active. If you enjoy your workout you are more likely to keep going. I have been active for 20 plus years. I’m married to a wonderful supportive husband and have 5 amazing children. Fitness and nutrition are my passions. I have tried many different types of exercise through the years and love workouts that are enjoyable, fun, and diverse. I have been programming and coaching/training for over 8 years. My favorite exercise environment is group training. I love the energy, camaraderie, and the results that are achieved and celebrated when working together. I also know and have reaped the benefits of personal training and rehab. As I worked on my various fitness and nutrition certificates and my exercise science degree, a vision came to me. I wanted to create a gym that incorporated specific progressive overload training sessions that were never boring that also included cardio, HIIT, mobility, flexibility. I wanted to build a team of coaches that challenge you but also meet you where you are. I wanted to build a supportive, fun community of like minded people that were ready to StayFITT for life.

Be part of a community gym that helps you

Events, Challenges, Staying active in and out of the Gym.

StayFITT Training

A community located near South Jordan, Bluffdale and the South Salt Lake Valley full of like-minded people in all areas of their fitness journey, ready to help you reach your goals!