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Nattalie is down 40 # and 8% BF so far in her journey

“Going to the gym has been an amazing life changing journey. At first I thought it was for weight loss but I have found it affects so many more areas of life. While working out I find new things about myself. I build strength physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Trish lost 16.9#, 5.5% BF and 5.5”in 90 days

“I love that I truly learned how to incorporate regular food and drinks into my lifestyle. I know how much I need to eat each day and can move around my calories to accommodate it.

I have not had a challenge where I could still have my cocktails and lose weight. I would have to give them up and then I would go back to having them after the challenge. The cocktails were always my biggest hurdle. Social drinking is a part of my lifestyle. With this challenge, I learned how to manage it. You can have the treats or junk food or whatever as long as you plan it and balance your calories, and portions. Finally after all the challenges I have done, I have figured it out with your guidance and support.”

Randi lost Lost 5% BF 14# and 7.5” in 90 days

“My favorite part of nutritional coaching and the 90 day challenge was Learning to listen to my hunger queues and not eat based on my emotions.”

Through appropriate and intentional nutrition and exercise coaching, Mark lost over 30# and 7% BF over 7 months. Utilizing our Transformation Nutrition Coaching Program!

“I came to StayFITT after gaining weight during covid, and having experienced several weight loss programs before. LaRee had a body transformation program and wow did she deliver. She helped me stay accountable to myself, we used free apps and there was no expensive meal program or supplements to commit to. With her guidance, support and coaching I lost 30 pounds over summer, even went on a cruise plus a two week holiday and with her pre-trip guidance and some remote check-ins managed to lose weight while away. She is the real deal! It’s affordable, attainable and amazing! "-Mark

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